Minor Movies
JUST RELEASED - Our latest productions...

Americana: 4th of July Parade in
Brownsville, Vermont.
Posted December 2014 • Length: 3 minutes 24 second

Size: 640x480 pixels

I guess Brownsville can't compete with the spectacular shows held in bigger
towns, but the
enthusiasm, patriotism and spirit was the greatest I have ever
A late edit. Filmed in 2006 with an Nvidia camera - the only affordable pocket
video camera available at the time. I used this camera for all videos I shot
until about 2008.

Bar Wars
Posted September 2014 • Length: 1 minutes 49 second

Size: 640x360 pixels

Well, I guess you have to make up your own mind about this one.
Footage shot with an iPhone 4S in extremely poor lighting.

Walking The Dog
Posted August 2012 • Length: 2 minutes 3 second

Size: 320x240 pixels

It's been a long time since I've posted a new minor movie.
Looks like I may be getting back into the mood....
This one deals with the differences between the human
and canine views of the world around us.

Belly Buttons
Posted December 2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

What was originally indented to show off different belly buttons ended
up being a nice collage of how many different ways there are to show
off a belly button...

The Clambake
Posted November 2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

A culinary extravaganza on the occasion of our kids visiting us in August.
Starring a plethora of clams, crabs, mussels, lobsters, sausages and the
voices and hands of Faith, Jori, Paul, Stephen and Wolfgang.

The Street Fair
Posted November 2005 • Length: 59 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

A day at a typical American Street Fair condensed into one minute.
Sharpsburg's week long annual event is called "Guyasuta Days" in honor
of a local but otherwise unknown Indian chief. Great acapella performance
by William Dell & Wee-Jams!

Life in the Fast Lane
Posted October 2005 • Length: 59 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

Finally a Minor Movie with a REAL message - get out of the way!

"Snapshots (1965)"
Posted July
2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

Original 8mm movies with not-so-original music. Singing like that hurts.

"The Fabulous
Dollies Follies"

Posted June 2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

By far the most lavish production in our cinematographic history....

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