Minor Movies
RERUNS - Movies posted some time ago...

"Pictures at an Exhibition"
May 2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

An art exhibition from the pictures' point of view....

"Shopping for a Girl"
May 2005 • Length: 60 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

Starring Jori Bitterolf as the shopper.
Yes, there seems to be great joy in purchasing something for
someone else. Music improvised.

"Pallet Jack"
Aril 2005 • Length: 57 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

A profound study of the travails of being trapped in a dead end job. I don't know how and why this idea came about. A pallet jack with an attitude - I think you may know someone like that...
(Note: We have received some questions on the subject of what this device is. A pallet jack is a kind of dolly used in warehouses. It has a fork with rollers that can slip under a pallet, and a hydraulic jack to lift the pallet a few inches off the ground; this allows the pallet to be moved around.)

"The Trade Show"
Aril 2005 • Length: 58 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

A complete four day trade show event compressed into a minute.
Shots from Westec 2005 (April 4 to 7, Los Angeles, CA) starring Ramón Cenarruzabeitia, some help setting up from Paul Bitterolf, and musical score (if you want to call it that) by me.

March 2005 • Length: 68 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

These images are selected from numerous photos I took over a period of 13 months; all were taken between 8:30 and 10:00 in the morning, usually on my way to work. The music is totally improvised and came out of nowhere. Just like the flash animation I had done earlier (click here) the whole thing just oozes serenity and peace. Relax.

March 2005 • Length: 55 seconds
Size: 320x240 pixels

This is the first "minor movie". After seeing some of Erik Nelson's videos at http://wreckandsalvage.com I decided to do this little piece. It catalyzes the emotional and intellectual transition from the initial urge to interpret art, it's meaning, soul, message and depth to the realization that its ultimate force is to give us satisfaction in one way or another. On the other hand it could not mean a darn thing.

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