Minor Movies
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This website is a hobby site. It serves no purpose whatsoever.

There are no profound messages to be found, it's just a whimsical collection of audiovisuals that I found amusing or interesting, and thought that others might enjoy them - I certainly enjoyed doing them.

All videos dated 2005 or earlier where shot with one of the first affordable pocket video cameras available, a Nisis. Although the video quality is awful it certainly was better than having to lug an over-the-shoulder VHS camera around!

After 2005 I lost interest in this project, but I think I'm getting back into it. In June 2014 I updated the site to HTML-5 and converted all videos to MP4 so that they would play right in the page and on any platform.

More current videos are shot either with a Mino Flip Video HD (I still love that thing and use it a lot), an iPhone, a Nikon Coolpix camera or some other contemporary piece of equipment.

To keep bandwidth, disk space and loading times reasonable most videos are no larger than 640x480 pixels. Most videos are around 1 minute in duration; just right for even short attention spans!



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